Our story

LaPetlja, CROcheted with love, is a Croatian brand born in 2018. which and started its’ story with crocheted goodies. We cherish the idea of slow fashion that puts quality before quantity. Lapetlja in Croatian means loop, something tangled. Crocheting and knitting in the learning phase seemed to me very complicated and tangled and that’s how the name LaPetlja came around.


The products of this brand are completely handmade, crocheted or knitted. The manufacturing process often lasts from a few hours for smaller items to 15-20 days for larger and complicated items. Materials of natural origin have been carefully selected for each of these products – gentle on our skin and sustainable for our environment.


Through this brand, the old hobby of our grandmothers is combined with modern designs and ideas. The goal is to provide a customer a unique and timeless product as much personalized as possible. A lot of time and effort was put into each loop by hand, and whoever wears it – wears a part of the heart of the person who made it.

«The desire to create something special with one’s own hands came quite spontaneously and turned into reality. It didn’t take long to fall in love with this creative hobby that has now became my job. Many hours and days of work, learning and proving have passed since the first crocheted ear warmer. Now I enjoy watching this brand grow and me along with it. « Bernarda Janeš, the maker and the owner


Every LaPetlja product has a lot of emotions crocheted and knitted into it. That’s because each one is handcrafted by an actual person and its’ creative hands. 

The mission of the Lapetlja brand is exactly that, to convey every emotion and magic to YOU; women of different age groups who are self-confident, curious, gentle and attentive to themselves, our youngest sweets for whom we always want the best, but also men who know what they want and create their own style. 

When you buy a LaPetlja product, you are not just buying an eye catching piece, but also supporting sustainable crafted items that can be worn over the years.


The vision of this brand was very clear from the beginning. To create products that are loved and worn now but kept forever!

«My wish is that Lapetlja products breathe and live with you. Through them I want to show all the hard work of a small business that wants to offer quality and be 100% authentic.« Bernarda Janeš, the maker and the owner